Can you review my resume and tell me what improvements could be made(if anything)?

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Use for the layout. and then repost your resume. You need to made it more “fancy” in order to have a better conversion rate when you put your CV into company :wink:

I let someone else more experienced talk about the contents. Since i don’t think i’m enough “skilled” to juge this

  • Delete your address and just keep city & state
  • Provide a LinkedIn profile URL
  • Your Education is long enough ago that it doesn’t belong at the top, it should be the last section on the resume
  • Delete your coursework from Education
  • Your Skills, followed by Software Projects, should be the first sections on the resume
  • Your current work experience should be written in the present tense - i.e., use verbs like “Sorting and receiving”
  • Try to shorten the resume to 1 page
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