Need resume review- minimal responses

Any advice, constructive criticism, or whatever else I need to do is appreciated- don’t by modest, please. Will also need to improve the way I job search and apply.
Link: [deleted]

Thank you!

Recruiters spend only 6 seconds looking at an individual resume. And I doubt yours even get those 6 seconds.

It is crammed with useless info. It looks like a webpage from early 2000s.

You have section “Professional Experience” which takes 2/3 of the first page when you have no relevant experience. And two pages?

Ditch “Aspiring bla bla bla…” tagline, remove nineties styling elements. Unpuff your resume. Remove projects with their descriptions. Bigger fonts. More space. “Thru” is not a word. 4 lines about testing? Make it concise:

Unit and Integration testing using Mocha, Chai, Enzyme. CI/CD (Travis).

Disclaimer: I’m not a recruiter. This is not a legal advice. I probably don’t know what I’m talking about :smirk: