Resume help needed for landing a job

Hello guys,

I would like to get your opinion about my resume, should I add or remove anything, also I did not add any links on my resume because my advisor told me sometimes attached resume with links can be treated as spam. Please see the link with my resume.


Thank you

Just to get picky (my specialty):

Do you have a web site? I would want that at the top. I’d also want a title like “Front End Developer”. You’ve got less than 5 seconds to grab their attention.

City: Manhattan Beach CA | Phone: (617) 774-8786 | Email:

You don’t have to tell them what a city is, or phone, or email. A comma after the city. They can figure it out. The less busy it is, the easier it is for them to find what they need. And loose the underscore on the email - except for your online version.

I use the web to create applications that make things easier for people to do.

Get rid of “for people to do” - that’s what “applications” do. In general, I think you are trying to stretch words out to make things seem fuller than they are. This annoys recruiters.

I thrive on talking problems with JavaScript, React, Node.js.

“talking problems”? Did you mean “tackling”? In general, I’m not sure if this section adds anything. It should “Iurii Kalashnikov - Front End Developer” as the title, or something like that. They know what a front end developer is. This section is a lot of buzz words and platitudes. Recruiters see this repeated over and over. They could probably write this section themselves. Save these for your cover letter.

Technical skills:

“skills” should be capitalized and I’d loose the colon - the other sections don’t have it. I might try to turn this into a multi column bullet list. This is an important section.


Is this styling slightly different from the others? I might try to fit each of these on one line since there isn’t much information here. I might loose the bullets to save horizontal space.

Professional Development

The styling looks different here, the margin is off. Try to be consistent in your styling. You’re trying to convince them that you pay attention to details.

Again, things are taking up too much room:

Data structures, software engineering including Java Script language using libraries such as
React and NodeJS, Python.

should be:

Data structures, JavaScript, React, Node.js, and Python.

They know that JavaScript is a language, they know that it is software engineering, and they know that React is a library. And be sure to label these technologies correctly - it’s “JavaScript” and “Node.js”. They notice these things.

And I would condense each of these to one or two lines. Get rid of the bullet points - they take up space and one bullet point looks silly. Use the styling to convey hierarchy. There is too much info in the FCC section - it sounds like a commercial. I might condense the FCC part to:

Front End Developer Program, Web Development, Certificate of Accomplishment with
Highest Distinction - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery.

For the “Experience” section, again, those could be trimmed. The longest experience thing has nothing to do with the job you are applying for? Loose it. They can ask what other types of jobs you’ve had in the interview. If you trim this enough, you could probably fit this on one page. A recruiter will appreciate you not trying to pad your resume and making it easier for him/her to find the pertinent information.

More formatting - notice the hyphens separating the dates on the first page and the em dashes separating them on the second page? And loose the page numbers - it makes it look like you just used the default document layout settings or something.

Keep in mind, I’m being really picky here. And I’m very opinionated. I have some more thoughts on getting jobs in my doc here.


I was just looking at someone else’s resume and thought of something. Maybe where the “JavaScript Developer” section is, you should have a “Summary” section, something to sell yourself. Remember that recruiters are going to spend 5 seconds seeing if they can find what they want. As I told the other guy, " If you were in an elevator with Musk/Gates/Zuckerberg and had 10 seconds to tell him what kind of position you thought would be ideal for you, what would you say? No BSing, no fluff."

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Thank you so much for taking your time and giving a very valuable feedback, i really appreciate it. It tells a lot that you care about people. Thank you for being a great example

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