Could I have a resume review?

This is it ! I’ll start sending my resume around. I’m almost done with my portfolio and got as close as i’ll be to done with my resume. But however many time I read it, I can’t help but think it doesn’t weight much. Would some of you be kind enough to proofread it and tell me if/how I can improve it ? Thanks a million.

Here it is : My CV !

Please wish me good luck, i’m terrified :weary:

So I had a look at your resume, couple points I think you should take away:

  1. There are some spelling and grammatical errors, for example you have the word although written as altough. One thing that will make HR managers, recruiters, CTO’s, whoever is looking at your resume, throw it right out, is spelling and grammatical errors. Have a friend, sibling or co-worker look over your resume. Sometimes they can see things that you don’t.

  2. Your codepen and linkedin links are not redirecting anywhere like your github is, which I assume you want, so make sure you hyperlink those so that people can see it (especially your linkedin)

  3. Under your highlighted projects, you wrote " An AI made with JavaScript that plays the perfectly each move.
    Programmed with JavaScript" First, that sentence doesn’t make much sense, and you basically wrote you made it with javascript twice, which isn’t necessary. Try to limit being repetitive under the same section, it is unnecessary use of extra space. Also, I would suggest listing each technology on a separate line, just so employers can see the stack that you used.

  4. Also under the projects section: the spacing just looks a little off. You have the two lines indented under each project name. Maybe used bullet points so it looks a little better formatted?

  5. Education: It says that you took a couple courses on udemy. I would suggest listing them, even just the title and perhaps the year you did it as well. It will show employers what you have been learning and who knows, maybe they know the courses themselves and will find it impressive

  6. Skills: There are way to many periods between the languages and your ability in that language and it just doesn’t look good. I get that you are trying to make it even, but there are much better ways to format it. I am also not sure about listing words like “fluent”, “good knowledge” etc. Mostly because there is no way to know what your comprehension level really is. That is usually expanded upon in interviews (from my experience). On my resume, I just have the skills I have used, and that is generally reflected back in your projects section. So for example you could have a skills category and just list the languages.

  7. Maybe change the title “Profile” to “Summary”, and write about not only your area of expertise but what you are looking to for as a web developer. There are lots of great software developer summary examples on google.

  8. Other experience. I am not sure if you have had employment in the past (development or other), but it should be reflected on your resume. People like to know who you are and where you came from, whether it was the president of a company or working retail somewhere, you should list it. You can write down some skills you gained which can be related to development. For example I used to work as a financial advisor, but i also used cloud computing software, so I have that listed on there.

So as you can see, there are some things which you can (and should) definitely change, and there are some other things which are personal preference. The more professional you look, the more people will be wanting to interview you. In terms of being terrified, well, we all have been there. Looking for work is scary, stressful and exciting all at once. Unfortunately, we can’t meet the hiring managers until we have been selected, and your resume is the one thing which determines that. Put in some work to make it as great as possible, and hopefully you will have a lot of people calling you for interviews.

Best of luck!

Hey ! Thanks a lot for this review, I shall use your advices well. Sorry about the grammar. It sounds like an obvious flaw to check but regardless of the language I speak, my dyslexia keeps haunting me …

About the past experience, I really wasn’t sure on what to put, apart from crappy jobs… The only 'professional ’ experience I have in development are my participations in game jams…

I just have a last question, if you don’t mind giving me my opinion. Since I will apply for web developer positions, I only put web projects in my higlights, but I was wondering if I should put some of the totally unrelated stuff I made, games for exemple, for diversity sake.

Well, anyway, thanks for your time.

I would say for sure put ANY coding experience you have on there. If anything, it shows your ability to learn multiple languages and put them to use, so don’t be shy about putting stuff on that isnt web related. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a web developer job at a gaming company, and because of your past experience with coding some games, it’ll make you the right choice for the job.

Any experience is good experience in my opinion, so don’t be worried about putting past employment on there. Just list skills that you acquired from those jobs which you can apply to a developer job; such as team works, taking initiative, etc