Review my resume

A couple of hours ago I asked how to write a resume given that I lack practical experience or a degree:

The general response was “just do it” and then post it here for a critique.
Here it is:

if you have advice on improving/‘optimizing’ for someone in my situation, would be much appreciated.

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It is nice Dovydas, you worked in freight too.

I will make a suggestion regarding the spelling. Try to be consistent in spelling the technologies you list in your resume. For example, I see node js, Node Js and Node.JS or Express js and Express.js. I recommend looking at official documentation for exact spelling.

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Hi @Giveback007

Your resume is good!

I just do not like the phrase: “More than 20 projects, including” because it uses a quantifier. I would have written: “Main projects” as a title :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, I agree with @ebru. Try to be consistent with the technologies names.

The first project listed on your resume is a Meetup Map Search. While you do have a reference, I expected to see a live demo on your site, but could not find it. I think anything you highlight on your resume should be on your website also.

Also, I believe you github should have a link to the Meetup Map Search live demo.

I aggree, but I have a lot of projects that I think could qualify me, and I was able to squeeze only 3 because it goes over the page.

I think I fixed it now as per your suggestion, thank you

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I will be putting up a live demo in the next few days because of a reverse geolocation api that only works 30% of the time has to be fixed. At the moment I only have the screen shot in the readme.
This is a good note.

Your employer will probably check your projects for errors too. I checked your portfolio site, and there is few mistakes, check here. And also i would optimize page speed, check here. @RandellDawson gave you good adivce, i would just add that you should provide a link to LinkedIn account. That’s it, happy job hunting!


Nice, had no idea these existed, thank you.

Hey dude, nice work!

Super small spelling/grammar feedback:
Under Certification in your Front End description the spelling of “taught”, and others can correct me if mistaken but I believe both project-based and self-taught should be hyphenated in this instance.

Other than that, looks good!

Thank you to you and all the people for saying the resume is good, but I am not sure what qualifies it as good. Could you clarify?

Also I noted the hyphen, I’ll ask some people if they think if it should be or not, what is your level of confidence that it should?

Are you in freight?

yes @Giveback007 I am in logistics

Well, without practical experience or degree, the best you can do on your resume is show what you’ve done and what you’re capable of. I think this resume does that, so it makes it “good”.

As for the hyphen, I’m confident enough that if it were my resume, I’d have the hyphens. But since it’s not my resume, I’m less confident lol.

I have a two more recommendations for your resume.

  1. Under the Front End Developer, Free Code Camp, I would put the link to your actual certification:

  2. Even though your previous jobs were not development related, you should still give more details about what you accomplished on each job. Did you receive special recognition for going above a beyond? Also, when you list Freight or Hotel Reception on your resume, what kind of skills were used to do those jobs. Also, it is best to put the name of the companies on your resume instead of just the job title.

“Self-taught” is usually hyphenated. I’ve seen “project-based” both ways, but it looks odd to do one and not the other.

And “self-taught” is still misspelled as “self-tought”.

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