Please criticize on Resume, Portfolio, project please

Please criticize on Resume, Portfolio, project please
Please criticize on Resume, Portfolio, project please
Please criticize on Resume, Portfolio, project please


What was the first thing you did to self teach because I want to that. I am new to the IT field but I’ll take any advice.


Go through freecodecamp most part of it.

And coding with some youtube videos.

Then buy some udemy course based on bigger project.

Any advice???

Please give me some advice to improve it.

The portfolio looks good.

  1. Check the grammar.

I love coding and enjoy to resolve the problem, my goal is become an excellent NodeJS full stack developer.

Maybe this instead:

I love coding and enjoy problem-solving, my goal is to become an excellent full stack developer.

  1. Have the project screenshots be of the pages only (not with the browser). You can use Chrome.

F12 > Ctrl + Shift + p > type screenshot

  1. Tutorial code is fine but I would suggest using what you have learned and making more stuff from scratch. It doesn’t have to be as complex as the devconnector project, just use some of the different techniques you have learned to make your own projects. Employers will appreciate original, yet imperfect code, more than any perfect code that has just been copied.

  2. Find some open-source projects and make some commits.

  3. See if you can polish the resume a bit, here is a FCC search with some resources.

Thanks for the advice. I will update it now.

I believe this would be better as two sentences.

That make sense, thanks.


I agree. I did initially have it as two sentences. For some reason, I just felt like I should keep it more like it was, then change it completely. But you are right, it would be better.

The domain “” is a bit mysterious—there’s no reference to it on the website hosted there, or on your LinkedIn or GitHub, that clarifies what it means. Was there a particular reason for using the name “”? When you’re not using your real name for your domain, and particularly when you have the name of a major programming language in it, you should make it clear what the domain name means or is for, because “” can be easily misinterpreted as a company or organization, not an individual’s portfolio site, especially since it has “python” in the name. Some people could easily mistake your domain for IPython, in fact, so you should be more careful about choosing a name for your domain.

If you chose the name because you like the Python language, I’d have to suggest either using a different name, or learning Python more, because your resume doesn’t indicate that you actually know Python—none of your projects mention it, and you don’t mention either Flask or Django anywhere.

  • The resume needs to be proofread for grammar & syntax. Use to check your English.

  • All technologies should be properly written—such as Node.js (not NodeJS), Express.js (not Express), VS Code (not VScode).

  • Your list of skills comes across as a fairly random list of skills. Only list skills that you know well and could easily answer a question about during an interview. Delete anything that you don’t know well. Also, you don’t need to list both Linux and Ubuntu (just list Linux), and neither Nginx or VS Code add anything substantial to the resume.

  • Your Project descriptions should be totally re-written—i.e., get rid of all the tech-speak and terminologies. Don’t write the descriptions so that only another developer will understand them; write them so that an HR rep or recruiter (an average person) can understand what the project is about. Summarize features and provide a high-level general description. Leave out the low-level details.

  • Do you have any education or work experience to add? You can add a high school if you’re 18-19 years old, or a college if you’re currently in one.

  • Most people looking at your resume will assume that you’re in the age range of 18-20 given the lack of education and work experience, so if you’re older than that, I’d recommend doing whatever you can to land any job at all, whether it’s in software development or not. You can always make the transition later.

  • You should add a photo to your LinkedIn profile as well. It’s usually the first thing that HR reps and recruiters check, and not having a photo is generally considered a red flag.

Thanks for the feedback.

I like that domain because I like python. I learn python first. But django opportunity is less than Node.js.

I already register my name domain:

I will update my resume and LinkedIn.

Wow, man! your skills are outstandingly impressive!! this unique and elegant portfolio is above almost anything I’ve seen here on freecodecamp!

I really like you smooth animations, your layout, and you color. This portfolio is a great work from an awesome developer. It’s really impressive how many libraries and languages you know. :zipper_mouth_face::dizzy_face:

I think you should replace the comma with a semicolon. The comma gives the sentence a weird accent when you sound it out that way.

Thanks for the feedback. I had changed it to two sentences.

Sadly news, I didn’t get any interview yet…

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Your resume looks good.
I know this has been pointed out already but check grammar and spelling, it is the one thing recruiters and hiring managers will spot very quickly.

“Developer connector is a full stack MERN app with responsive UI to help users
create/edit their profile, create a post, comment a post, like or remove from
a post.”

I would also try to rewrite the descriptions to make them more self explanatory to a person unfamiliar with your projects.

Your resume will be skimmed initially and you should highlight (in bold) in very simple terms the problem you solved with your app. E.g.
“Shopping list is a full stack MERN app with responsive UI help users to
create and delete shopping items”
This doesn’t mean a lot to me - did you build an ecommerce shopping cart? Or is it a tool which integrates with other shopping carts? What problem is it solving?

The subdomains also don’t work which means the demo links on your resume also don’t work.

Hope this helps and good luck!

If it looks like you can do the job then you’ll get the job. It looks like you took a course and did the project at the end instead of a finished professional product. The gatekeepers aren’t usually technical so we as developers get judged on looks before anyone technical sees our work. The one project I looked at wasn’t “finished”.

  1. Groot was the only picture. Should have the product photo for each product.

  2. Should the product pic and data be on a card with rounded corners, slight border and drop shadow?

  3. Should the photo have rounded corners?

  4. The price is styled like a button. Should it be left aligned like the “Add to Cart” button?

  5. If there was a card background then there would be a point of reference and long titles and description sentences could be more easily noticed by you and constrained within their boundaries.

  6. You gave the project a component feel. What if it looked like it was on a branded webpage?

  7. You allowed me access to the cart and checkout pages without requiring me to select a product first. Should have stopped me with a modal. When I checked out with no product I got this:

  8. The attention to these details will help get you past the appearance conscious gatekeepers and get the decision makers into the frame of mind that even though you’re a beginner you already can do the level of work that they would sell to a customer.

  9. Heroku took several minutes to spin up the shopping cart. If you have the money, put it on a better performing host under your domain name.

  10. If you were to look at shopping sites like Amazon, Shopify, and others, count the number of page types. if you changed the content portion of your projects you have 3 of those page types already. For example, the shopping cart (obviously), shopping list becomes a wish list, Developer Connector becomes customer product reviews or sellers forum or users helping users, add a landing page / home page all under one consistent brand, if you’re ambitious. If it’s polished it’s impressive.

Anyway this is the route I am taking with my front end job search. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the feedback. I will update it.

Thanks, it help a lot.

I will keep doing the update.

What did you use to create your resume?

I use a template. You can find it on my github page.

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