Cannot access content at all

I am a new member (signed up today). The sign in page appears for me, as does the about.freecodecamp and learn.freecodecamp (and obviously the forum) but if I try to access the lessons, survey for the dataset, settings or anything else, I am faced with a blank screen.

After reading a few other threads on this I have refreshed, deleted the history and signed in again, but still nothing. I am on Safari on a 10 year old mac, but I’ve never had access problems with any others sites. I tried firefox but that didn’t seem to work at all.

I am a complete beginner with an extremely limited knowledge of how computers work outside of using the Internet and Microsoft Office so I’m struggling with some of the advice in the other threads I found on this (although they all seemed to be a connected problem in India - I’m in the UK.

Can anybody help?

Did you try using Google Chrome?

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From your description, this is probably an issue with your ISP or VPN blocking the curriculum.

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Thank you @aditya_p and @ArielLeslie. I have now downloaded Google Chrome and all seems to be functional. Now to start my new life as a computer geek…