Cannot pass test from app running on my own server

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Cannot pass test from task ‘Basic Node and Express - Start a Working Express Server’ with application running on my own server. Its should return string “Response String” and it returns. You can check it by yourself port 3006 (sorry, it does not allow me to put the link). What could be wrong ? Thanks for help.

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Challenge: Start a Working Express Server

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Welcome, alex.

Here are the instructions:

Use the app.get() method to serve the string “Hello Express” to GET requests matching the / (root) path.

Can you see the problem…

Side note: You have changed a lot of the boilerplate code, you were not asked to. There is nothing inherently wrong with this (in fact, I think you are/will learn a lot), but we cannot guarantee the tests will work.

Hope this helps

Thanks for help ! I had incorrect text to return. I did not succeed anyway, responses from my server are being blocked with status “blocked:mixed content”, as far as i understand this is because server runs on ‘http’ and cannot be considered as secured. Did anyone faced with such issues.