Cannot submit project: Metric-Imperial Converter - 403 response

Hi, when I am submitting project Metric-Imperial Converter

and providing valid links to my project deployed to Glitch and link to github repo
I am getting normal looking success screen and after confirming I am redirected to next project, BUT project is not listed in /learn as completed.

So I looked into chrome dev tools and noticed an api call with 403 (Forbidden) response:

Anyone can help with this?

the bug is being investigated here, if you want to keep track of it:

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Thanks! I just subscribed to that issue.

Hi @damian-pagowski

Thanks for your patience, we have just fixed this issue, can you please check and try submitting the URLs again?

Note that you may still see some 403s, form the past which you can safely ignore. We will clear those out.

Let us know if you face issues.

Hi @raisedadead it works fine now.
I managed to submit project.
Thanks for fixing this bug so quickly