Project Progress not saving

I’m trying to complete the Timestamp Microservice and, first, it doesn’t let me hit the “I’ve completed this challenge” button unless I have both the glitch and the git links filled out. But When I do put the links in for both, it does the normal popup with the “Submit and go to the next challenge” button, and I’m able to click it and it takes me to the next challenge, but the project isn’t marked as complete when i go back to /learn.

I’m using Google Chrome, and I’ve trying clearing browser history/cache/cookies etc.

it seems it is this bug, you can follow the issue to be updated . there is just wait till they fix it

@ieahleen thank you!

@ieahleen @ArielLeslie

We just fixed the projects submission issue.

Can you guys tag me on threads that I need to comment and let users know that they are able to work and submit the solution links, github links etc. normally now?

Thanks a lot for guarding the door while we were resolving this.

@raisedadead thank you for letting me know this!