Cannot type the [] inside exercises

Hi, its a little bit silly but I have been doing courses on my macbook with czech keyboard and Ive been typing the [] brackets with 2 keys “option” + the [] keys and it seems to stop working over the weekend. Did something change? On all other websites and on all other apps on my mac I can type the [] with the option key just fine, even here on the forum its without problems, but when I try to use these two keys on my czech keyboard inside the exercises, it doesnt work and it doesnt type the brackets. Its super annoying :((( I dont want to user american keyboard just to be able to do the courses :frowning: I want to keep using the czech one and use two keys to type the []. Any ideas?

what challenges are giving issues? can you verify if it happens anywhere or just in a few challenges?

Hey @barbora.martinkova

We use an open-source editor from Microsoft called monaco. Here is a playground:

Can you do a quick confirmation, if the issue is also reproducible on the site above?

If yes, then that should narrow things down for us to investigate.


I just tested it in monaco editors playground and same issue there also. Looks like we found a bug.



Thanks for the quick detective work. Do you mind reporting to them if there isn’t an open issue not already? As for us, we are limited by a fix upstream.

@barbora.martinkova this may be a limitation that is beyond our control, at least for now. We would recommend using an alternative keyboard if you can.


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There is an open issue but it was opened a long time back.
Some keybindings don’t work with non US-Layouts · Issue #1233 · microsoft/monaco-editor (

Also the issue isn’t present in VSCode.

Oh wow, that’s opened by the GitPod team (Sven is the founder). We should probably add a fresh issue first add a friendly reminder just in case this is forgotten by the team.

Wow, I dint know that. I’ll open up an issue for this.

Thanks so much everyone for such quick reactions! its so weird because I would swear it worked just last week :sweat_smile:
Thanks everyone :raised_hands: I hope they resolve it soon

I’ve opened an issue to monaco-editor(Not able to type certain characters in non-US keyboards · Issue #2533 · microsoft/monaco-editor · GitHub). I opened a new issue as the the link I had sent above had been about the keybinds for commands in the editor. In our case it’s about typing characters itself.

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Heads up, this has been fixed and you should be able to use the square brackets in our platform.

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awesome, yes it works :raised_hands:

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