I can't any special character in the course terminal

I’m doing the “Learn Bash Scripting by Building Five Programs course” and the " Learn Advanced Bash by Building a Kitty Ipsum Translator"

but I can’t type ’ | ’ or ’ [ ’ in the terminal of the course. I’ve tried to reload. “Copy and paste” is not possible either.

I use a macbook and I can type them on my computer terminal.


same issue without answer on the forum

Hi, you need to set your language setting on your computer to English United States and try again.

Thanks. I just set my computer in English (US) but I doesn’t work.

Once you set it, did you open up a software (accessibility) keyboard? The square brackets should be on it if your language setting is correct. And then you can try typing it directly from there.


I have the brackets [[ … ]] and the pipe | … | with my keyboard. I can type them in the files and so on …

But not in the terminal of the “playground.”

I guess it has to do with the terminal settings of the playground.

By the way I can’t paste as I have this error message: “Unable to read from the browser’s clipboard. Please make sure you have granted access for this website to read from the clipboard.”

for this issue, I think I have a workaround for you.

Go to the codeally.io dashboard (you have to sign up if it is the first-time)
and go to the playground area and open up the project from there.
After that try
to copy something
and then in the terminal use
This will open up a prompt saying “CodeAlly wants to …” and it will be a message about letting CodeAlly view the clipboard, so click Yes to allow it.

After this, you should be able to paste normally.

I think if you try to copy with rightclick+copy and right-click+paste, it will work. That won’t be fun, but it might work.

I’m curious, what is happening when you try to type one of those characters @cruzfabien? Does the browser or OS take over? or is the cursor still in the terminal and the characters just don’t show up?

Hi, it doesn’t work with the rightclick+copy / paste. I still have the same error message.

When I try to type one of those character, it does nothing. The cursor is still in the terminal and the character don’t show up.

How about the workaround to allow copy and paste, can you give that a try?

Yes, it works this way :ok_hand:

even if it’s not very practical. :grimacing:

I think we are not sure why your keyboard can produce other characters but not the square brackets. In the past my experience with others here says it is because of the language setting and others have had success switching the language to English United States and then turning on the accessibility keyboard to type directly from it. But I think you said you tried this and it didn’t work, sot this is where the copy and paste workaround comes in. You are using the web version of the course? (Just wanted to confirm)