Can't change font on code pen

Above is my attempt to change the font family on my second heading. there was a other way to change as shown here: but that hasn’t worked for me either. Any help?

Please don’t post pictures of code. Please just give us a link to the pen.

here’s the link then :

That is not the pen you have displayed above.

Have you saved your work? If you haven’t saved, the link won’t show your latest work.

it is the same one. sending you it again I just saved it:

I’m sorry I didn’t see it before…

In codepen, you don’t need to use the style tags if you’re putting your CSS in the CSS pane. Codepen kind of has its own way to do things, and does some of these things for you. If I put:

h2 {
  font-family: cursive;

in that CSS pane (and nothing else), then I see that change on the page.

ok I just changed it and its working now. thanks

Just be where, when I inspect the element on my dev tools, it appears to be defaulting to “Times”, so it may already be what you want.

I have one more question. I’m trying to make the image round but I’m confused on what to name the class, do I just name it image?

You can name a class nearly anything. You can call it “image” if you want, or you can give the image and id and target that.

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I think I have a problem, I didn’t name the image in the HTML side I just used img src then pasted the link, when I try to use the “transfer: scale” thing It does move.

There’s no class attribute in your HTML code.

so I have to define the “drake image” class name in the HTML box?

Yes. Maybe review the lessons on CSS class styling.

In codepen, the HTML section is where you write your HTML code. The CSS section is like an external stylesheet and that’s where you write your CSS.
Codepen links the two for you.

I know where to put it I was just confused as to if the “img src” in the html side has to be the same as the css class name because I dont know why else it wouldn’t be working

You have an element, in this case img. You add attributes to it. You have a src attribute. You can also add class and/or id attributes so you can do some styling.
After you’ve added the attributes then you proceed with styling.

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@GoodNGo, a tip when doing the projects.
Start by completing / meeting the requirements for the user stories first then, when you done that start doing the styling.

what lesson talks about class attributes so I can see it? I know what you’re talking about but I forgot how to write it in code

You can look in the “Basic CSS” section for the word class.
You can use Google to search for something like html class