Can't claim my certificate

I just finished all the algorithm challenges and projects, but when I want to claim my certificate, I get this

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

It’s a known issue.

So what should I do? there is no solution in that github issue.

You can tell @QuincyLarson that you’ve completed all of the required challenges, but the site won’t allow you to claim your cert.

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@kevcomedia Thanks - I’ve found the cause of the problem and resolved this for @hamza-hajji, though it may take time for @BerkeleyTrue to fix the underlying issue.


Hi guys good evening!

I came back after a long period of time and I want to start back-end now because I had finished and also got the certificate from front-end, but now it seems like I had never done anything! =(
Do you guys know why?

I appreciate.

Great! Once we ship beta, you’ll be able to click a button to completely reset your progress :slight_smile: