Can't find second job

Good morning everyone

I had a job as developer in a not so good company(they did’t even legally registered me as worker,no health insurance ,etc) so i resigned but now i can’t find a job i have been looking for jobs since 4 months(began searching before resigning ) and i dont know what to do,i sent hundreds of applications to companies in my country and others,tried freelancing but couldn’t get a single customer. I would like to work as front end dev or a similar position but i don’t know what i’m doing wrong.My favourite tool is react but i have worked also with python and some node back end things.
All the job postings i see require more than one year of xp(if internship counts i’d have them but it’s not relevant) and the other job i got into it because a friend recommended me

This is my portfolio

can i post my resume here?

have a nice Friday

If you are in the US I strongly urge you to report your former employer to the department of labor (here is a link).

I would count your internship time as your experience, and I encourage you to apply for jobs that require a bit more experience than you have or ask for a couple skills you don’t have.

You can share a resume here for feedback, but we do not allow recruiters here.

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Hey sergio,

Hard to be too sure why you’re not getting bites. My general theory is your resume is not doing you favors. Without seeing it I can’t give very specific advice on how to clean it up.

Here’s what I broadly recommend to my mentees. Have a skills section at the top so HR can see the right key words for the job posting. Have a section for any awards, accolades, etc if you have it. List paid experience with bullets highlighting the impact, value, or outcome you had for them. Close with education and other things that are interesting.

May seem hard to believe, but you can hone that resume and whatnot to a point that every time you send it you get a call.