Can't find the Dev Containers: Rebuild and Reopen in Container' option

I want to learn relational database, and since freecodecamp currently doesn’t have the online version, I am trying to learn through their offline method.

I am using this link: Relational Database Course – How to Learn SQL in VSCode Using Docker and freeCodeCamp

Now, I am stuck in step 3:
" In VS Code, open the command palette with Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + P. Then, enter and run Dev Containers: Rebuild and Reopen in Container"

I can’t find the mentioned command.

Screenshot attached.


Please pardon my being a layman, if I have done a silly mistake.

Welcome there,

What version of the Dev Containers extension do you have? Also, are you sure if you type more of the command it does not show up?

I`m also facing the same issue and starting with tutorials is really pain in the neck for beginners

I have the same issue. I found someone on Stack Overflow also mention it in March, the answer given to him was:

In the primary sidebar: click on “Remote Explorer”, then right click on the Dev container you want to rebuild, there you’ll find the “Rebuild Container” option.

I tried this and it has rebuilt and reopened the container, however now I can’t find CodeRoad: Start in the Command Palette. I had to go through the VS Code - getting started with Docker tutorial. Step 1 is Add Docker Files to Workspace, clicked other from the dropdown and it added the Docker file to my Explorer side tab. Then I right clicked it and pressed Build an Image. Then on the Docker side tab it shows under the images, right clicked the ‘latest’ file and pressed Run. It started executing a docker build task but I still don’t have CodeRoad:Start in the command palette, so no idea what to do now.

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Its in the last one, maybe the course needs an upgrade. Some of us need to figure out how to use docker from scratch. (Not bad at all) But it would be awesome if the course teaches how to properly set this up.

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