Cant get img to link now

I had all my images linking to external websites but then I turned my CSS to Bootstrap and nothing will work as far as clicking an image and opening it. Here is my code. Don’t see anything wrong with it but I have been starring at code for hours now.

Josh Brewer screen shot of portfolio

Josh Brewer screen shot of front end tiger project

Thanks in advance

also swapped all photo links to dropbox now and still won’t work on code pen but with work as posted on here

Is it just the one photo of Tiger Woods you are talking about? If so, I can see it.

Also, just a suggestion, I would put your CSS that is in your HTML in the CSS box of CodePen for consistency.

One other suggestion, i would create a class on your img and style that class instead of styling the img. This will make your life much easier when you have to add a 2nd image to the page :slight_smile:

So yeah the tiger photo will work on this forum with the link but on my portfolio page it will not. I’m not sure why its doing that

thanks still learning… completely self taught lol. appreciate the pointers.

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So as far as the image goes the Tiger photo work with the link on this forum but in my portfolio page does not for some reason. heres a link if you’d like to take a look.

Also thanks for the tips just started coding for the first time 5 days ago so Ive got a lot to learn still.

#projects {
  z-index: -1; <-- remove this value to add functionality back to anchor links

nav ul {
  z-index: 100; <-- when user scrolls on page elements go underneath navbar

This article explains your issue with z-index.

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Keep it up. I am too, no school, all self taught, I’ve been a “professional” developer for a Little over 3 years now, you’ll never quit learning in this profession, if your not working you’ll be learning something new just to try to keep up.

Thanks man. I love this stuff

Reggie thanks that fixed the issue.