Cant resubmit my tribute page project

Hello everyone, I was working on the tribute page from the responsive web course, and when I passed 2 test case I tried to submit to freecodecamp just to see if doing the right way. But now that I’m done with 10/10 test cases I can’t submit it again, I mean I can but its still saying 20% completed due to the 2/10 test cases from the first submit.

Can someone help me? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Doesn’t sound right. I actually submitted my projects about a month ago but I still go back to them in codepen to try & improve them occasionally (usually when i’m tired of being stuck on the javascript course). I don’t resubmit them or anything I just work on them here and there and it updates itself. Others here will know more than me about this however.
Might help if you linked to your code so we could have look.

@laurent.kl1996 , 20% complete means you’ve completed 1 of the 5 projects.
There is nothing in the submit that runs the test cases for you. You have to do that on your own.

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