Can't sign in through GitHub

Hi. I’m trying to sign in with my GitHub account but i keep getting the following message - “New accounts can only be created using an email address. Please create an account below”. I tried using another browser but the same happened.

When did you first create a freeCodeCamp account?

Logins via GitHub were disabled quite a long time ago - that option is only available to campers that initially signed up that way back then.

It was around May, last year. I haven’t logged in in a long time, but I suppose I should still have my account with my finished courses.

What was your username? I don’t see a profile for “ejfilip”.

Well I thought it was “ejfilip”. Other possible usernames would be “KFilip”, “Filip Kekev”, “FKekev”. If its not any of the mentioned usernames what options do I have?

I don’t see a profile for any of those. Is it possible that you deleted you account or that you created the account on the beta site?

I started the course as a recommendation from a friend and following the instructions i created a profile on GitHub and signed through that profile. After finishing the Local Weather App exercise around September I focused on something else and haven’t logged in since then. I didn’t delete my profile for sure, and knowing what usernames I use for courses I really can’t think of another one from the ones mentioned above. Is there a option where you can check from my GitHub profile, or the email that I used for creating that profile?



I signed in, I made a profile using, the only mistake was that I now tried to sign in with That’s also why i got the message “email not found” when i tried to reset the password.

Glad you got it sorted! FCC has gotten rid of multiple sign-in methods for this very reason.
Happy coding.