Cannot sign in using GitHub

I’ve been doing the front-end development track, but I’m unable to login with my GitHub account.

When signing in I get an error message “New accounts can only be created using an email address. Please create an account below”, but I already have created an account using GitHub.

I tried signing in with GitHub and it worked fine. Which browser are you using?

Both Chrome and Firefox seem to give the same error msg. I only used the sign up with GitHub method and started doing the front-end development track. Can logon to the Forums with this account, however cannot continue my course.

I am having the same issue as well. I had a previous FreeCodeCamp and GitHub account before but stopped using them early in 2016. when I returned to FFC, I decided to start fresh and delete both accounts. SO this should be a simple process, yet I still get that same error as you. I sent an email to the team addressing this problem but have yet to receive a reply. Let’s hope this is a simple fix eh?

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@w3infinity: Just to be sure, you click on “Sign in with GitHub” on the login page and then you get an error message? Can you create a GitHub Issue if there isn’t one already?

I have already created a Github account, but in FreeCodeCamp when i try to sign in with Github there is an error message coming: “New accounts can only be created using an email address. Please create an account below”.

What should I do?

So you don’t have a fcc account yet?

I signed up with my email address and started the first front end certification stages three days ago. The problem is that i cannot sign in with GitHub. Any idea?

So, you will have to sign in with your email as well.

Since I am new to FCC, is there any difference between signing up with GitHub and email?
If this is the case how to sync FCC with GitHub when signing in with email instead of GitHub?

You should be able to do that on the settings page.