Sign in with GitHub account is not working, nor Twitter

I used my GitHub account to sign in to freeCodeCamp but now I can’t sign in. I also connected my twitter account with freeCodeCamp but it is not working as well.

I feeling very confused and stressed since I have completed a lot of challenge.

Please help me get my account back.

User Information:
Full Name: Shuvongkor Barman
User Name: shuvongkor-barman

GitHub User Name: shuvongkor-barman

Twitter User Name: shuvongkor1

Issue Description
Browser Information
Browser Name = Opera
Version: 52.0
Operating System: Windows 10

Someone suggested me to create a new account with email and then connect it with my GitHub account. He said my progress would be alright.

So, I did that.

But although it is showing the correct number of challenge that I have completed, but not quite alright.

Look at the screenshot below, you will understand…

So, What should I do now. What is the solution for this?

GitHub can be used to sign in to your forum account, but the alternative options (GitHub, Twitter, etc) are only for people who created their accounts using those as their original authentication method. This has not been possible for a long time because of the problems it caused. The ability to sign in using GitHub and others is just for those of us who have been here for several years and have old accounts.

I had the same issue. I tried to sign in with GitHub, but the button in authentication form was disabled. So i inspected this element (opened it html/css) and deleted property disable="". And it works.

How did you do it? Please give some screen shots. Thanks.