Can't Link FreeCodeCamp to Github

So, the forum side of my FreeCodeCamp account is linked to Github, but I absolutely cannot linked my main FreeCodeCamp account that show the progress I’ve made to Github. Since I wasn’t very far along, I even completely deleted my Github account and recreated it.

I wish I could attach a screenshot, but, every time I click on the default FreeCodeCamp avatar on the top right of the screen, I am given the option to “Link my Github to enable my public profile.” Every time I click on it and enter my password and username for Github, I get a message which says “The code passed is incorrect or expired.”

*Now I’ve even deleted and re-created my FreeCodeCamp account (I guess I could use review), and this issue is still happening. I emailed FreeCodeCamp a month or two ago about this but didn’t get a response. I really enjoy FreeCodeCamp, and I would like to be able to have a public profile to which I can link. HELP!!!

If there isn’t one already, please create a detailed GitHub Issue this is how FCC tracks all website bugs and change requests.

I had a similar issue where the password I was using for was made obsolete because I had also used the “sign in with google” on github. So maybe try your main email credentials?
Do you know if you had previously “signed in with google” on github? or did you do “sign in with github” I could just be misunderstanding the issue your having.

Thank you. I will do so.

CaBra503, I don’t know if I used “sign in with Google” before, but I made sure I just signed up via Github this time. I deleted and re-created my Github account (there wasn’t anything on it yet), hoping that would fix the problem.

@dcdunham138 I have the same problem as well. I tried addressing the issue to the FCC team on Twitter & by email. I just ended up just signing up with an email address instead