Can't connect github to FCC account

I am trying to link my Github account to FreeCodeCamp and it keeps saying:

“The code passed is incorrect or expired.”

Any ideas?

When I go to your profile, I see it as connected to your GitHub profile.

Ok weird!

I see this on my settings:

But if it works it works! Thanks.

It’s possible that you ended up with two accounts created with two different login methods. If you login to FCC with GitHub I think you may see that you don’t have any progress. If so, contact and they should be able to merge the accounts. (This can take a little while because there are a lot more of us than them, so be patient.)

It actually doesn’t even let me login using GitHub.

I dunno. It looks like there’s an account associated with your GitHub profile, but I’m not much help at this point.

Yeah I’m not sure what to do, it still has not been resolved.

If no one has replied to your email, try emailing them again. It’s a small team and a very large community, so I’m sure they get overwhelmed sometimes.