Something is wrong with the profile system, i think - [solved]

profile system messed up. anyone looking at my profile only see my old progress.
my progress shows a different number on two different pages.

Is it possible that you have created two different accounts that are both linked to the same GitHub account? If so, please unlink FCC from the GitHub account settings and then reconnect your new account to your GitHub profile.

You can report FCC bugs as GitHub Isssues.

how to unlink? can’t find it on fcc or github

You need to revoke access via GitHub.

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i’ve now done that.
logged out of both.
logged in to each.
still same original issue.

emailed github support
got this reply:

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like this is something that needs to be done in your FreeCodeCamp settings, so you’ll need to ask them about it.

GitHub Support

cannot find a place anywhere on freecodecamp or github to unlink the two account.
problem is: Something is wrong with the profile system, i think

Some users have experience similar issues because they accidentally linked their GitHub account to multiple FCC accounts. That’s why I suggested checking that first, as a troubleshooting measure. It seems like you are experiencing something different.

actually there WAS another account, which i just took care of. thank you! it’s all better now.

Yay! I’m glad it’s all sorted out. Happy coding.