Two different user logins leads to the same user account


Whenever my girlfriend tries to log into her own freecodecamp account, she gets logged into mine (the number of completed sessions shows her own progress though). I can still log into my account as usual, but she can’t access her own account.

We have tried different browsers and computers, but the problem still persist.

What to do?

Is it possible that at some point the same GitHub account was associated with both accounts? A few weeks ago there was another couple experiencing the same problem and it turned out that an automatic GitHub login had resulted in both accounts pulling data from the same GitHub. Unlinking the spouse’s account fixed the problem.

Hi, thanks for the answer and sorry for the late reply

I can’t seem to find a way to unlink her account from Github. I don’t find a button for unlinking, only the “Update my profile from Github” and when I press that, I get sent to last challenge in the map on her account (Build a tribute page), not the Github homepage.

When I try to do it from my own account, I get sent to my Github page. I have revoked all access to Freecodecamp but the problems are still there.

TL;DR: I can’t unlink the GitHub account with the “Update my Profile from Github” button

EDIT: Since I revoked the Github access, I can’t access it from my own page either: I just get sent to my spouse’s last challenge (Build a tribute page)

I meant unlinking from the GitHub side. You should then be able to re-link only your account to your GitHub.

Finally I got it to work! I tried to unlink from Github so many times, but what I also had to do was to log out from my Github account because it couldn’t relink while I was logged in at Github.

So I logged out, and then when we tried to link to Github it now asked for a new login (instead of automatically re-link to my Github) so we made a new Github account for her and linked FCC to that. Problem solved.

Thanks again for the help!

Glad to help. I’ve opened a GitHub Issue to look into preventing multiple accounts from being associated with a single GitHub account.

Good idea! This seems to be a common problem

This is actually only the second time I’ve heard of it happen, although I’ve also seen 2-3 people create two accounts for themselves, connect both to the same GitHub, and see odd results.