Ever since fCC retired third party sign ups the progress from my github fcc account has not synced with my email fcc account

So now when i sign in to freecodecamp with my github login, all 94 challenges i completed are checked off as completed. I tried to update my email and configure it, but i do not think it was successful. Furthermore, when i log into fcc via email (not via github) only 2 challenges are checked off as completed. Should i just redo all 94 challenges with the email login?? What should i do?

You inadvertently created a second account using a different login method. You can either use your original account by logging in with GitHub, or you could continue with your new account if you prefer. Only challenges marked with a * are required, so you don’t need to do them again on your new account, but if you want to you can view your previous solutions to challenges from your profile and copy them.

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Do you think I will be able to continue signing in with GitHub for the long haul? Also I updated my email with a new email, separate from the email address that I inadvertently created the other account with. But for some reason I continue to not have any progress show in the progress page on my portfolio timeline. Actually all my progress doesnt show at all right now, it just shows blank. Even when I complete a challenge in either profiles, which is strangely all synced in this one account i assume, although I can log into them seperately. Still the progress is not showed on the map. Maybe I should delete all the accounts and sign up for a new one?

You will be able to continue signing in with GitHub to the account that you created via GitHub (assuming you don’t delete it).

If no completed challenges are showing up on your profile page, then you should report the bug as a GitHub Issue.

Your multiple accounts are not being synced in any way.

Are you perhaps using the beta version of the new curriculum (beta.freecodecamp.org)?

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Thanks no I am not using the beta version, I’ve never tried it either.