Can't View Entire Elements

I can’t view the entire meta element I’m supposed to add on my code in CSS Step 18 of the (New) Responsive Web Design.

It doesn’t scroll from left to right on any mobile browser I’ve tried (not even desktop mode on chrome).

Most <meta> have effects that are hard to notice except color-scheme - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN ( and <meta name="color-scheme" content="dark light">.

What meta are you trying to add, and can you share the challenge

Thanks for your response.

I’m trying to do but I can’t see the entire element I’m supposed to add.

On the old course, I was able to scroll the elements in the challenges horizontally but I can’t do that with this.

If I rotate my phone to landscape mode, I see a little more of the code but I can’t see it in its entirety in this step/challenge.

I think this is a viewport bug.

Can you tell me what type of phone you are using, and screenshot of how the challenge look for you?

We can open an issue in the repo

Gionee S10 lite

Likely the issue is a duplicate, meaning that people are looking for ways to help.

You can subscribe to the issue below, but please don’t ping unnecessary.:sweat_smile:

The people who are working on repo, are like me and you, have priorities and obligations. :green_heart:

Meanwhile if you need anything else, I am happy to help :+1:

Now that I’ve thought about it, the best issue to follow is #46166. I had forgotten that I created that issue.

Regardless, PR #46217 is where all the work is at. I should be adding the scroll area in the gutter this weekend (because it’s going to rain so much here so I can’t work in my garden) so hopefully we can get this fix to production this coming week as several people have already posted about it here.

Thank you so much. I appreciate your help.

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