(new)Responsive Web Design is unresponsive

I can’t scroll to the right to see the inline code fully in the info block, it didn’t move a bit, I’m using mobile version, tried changing the orientation, changed it to desktop mode and still can’t be scrolled
And the text inside the info can’t be copied like in the legacy one, so another problem

Yep, you’re right. If you were using a mouse then you would be able to scroll the code and copy text, but since you are using your finger (I presume) the monaco editor appears to be intercepting those touch events and won’t let them do their default actions.

I will open up a github issue on this. I actually worked on this, I submitted a PR a while ago that moved the instructions above the editor using monaco’s content widget but I obviously missed this issue. Thanks for bringing it up.

github issue #46166

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Thanks, it’s true that I ended up using a mouse with usb otg, then use desktop mode, and then create input element just to be able to copy paste and see the whole code :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey @Cssteven, my fix for this is on production now. Hopefully you should be able to scroll any code examples in the instructions now. Also, if you try to scroll vertically over the instructions it won’t work but you should now be able to scroll vertically if you swipe over the line numbers anywhere.

Thank you very much man, I appreciate your help, really helping me as a mobile user/learner :clap:

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