Career change after long career break

I am MBA in finance and have worked as hedge fund tax analyst for 6 years. I took break from work for 5 long years. I wish to join back now. But interested in coding career. I have been reading and did few free courses of python. All this I did just out of interest. Recently came across bootcamps, and this has encouraged me to try and go for freecodecamp course here. Anybody sailing in sameboat or experiences people can share there experience? How shall I start with curriculum here? Is it really possible to change career and get a job as coder? Please throw in your thoughts, experiences and suggest.

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@agrawalparul2 First of all, Welcome to the FreeCodeCamp Forums! I will try and do my best to answer all of your questions. FreeCodeCamp is designed for people just like you! I think it would be plenty worth your time. Depending on how hard and long you work at it per day you could finish it fairly quickly too. The curriculum is designed from top to bottom. It is recommended to go from top to bottom if you have no prior coding experience. While doing the curriculum the projects come at the end of each section. These projects are where you will learn a lot and should be given your best effort. Lastly, yes it is possible to get a job as a coder. People do it often and the coding industry is in high demand right now. There are lots of stories over in #career and #motivation about people getting jobs in coding who started from 0 knowledge of programming. Good luck on your journey and happy coding! :smile:

hello and welcome aboard :slightly_smiling_face: same story here, coding is my hobby for now but I guess it can lead to a career change someday, who knows :wink: you might want to start from HTML/CSS and then move to JavaScript through the FCC curriculum. or you can move to the python section, python can help you with your hedge fund analyst job as you will be able to build some things for your work

A little advice if you do really want to continue in this field: There may come some moments when you will feel like you want to quit because you didn’t understand something, just stick with it, stick with it, stick with it…
And good luck!

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Thanks for your valuable knowledge sharing. It did help me to boost up my confidence.

Thanks. I have started from start and eventually will see if I should jump to python or go ahead with java.

I know I need to be persistent. Hopefully I will be able to do. Thanks so much

note that Java and JavaScriot are not the same language

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My friend, you are at the best place to start, that’s for sure. I am at same boat and sailing through JavaScript sea of monsters…:smiley:
I would recommend one more video course to give you another perspective and maybe quicker grasp on some points. Career change is real and i see it every day, just read some of the great stories here on forum, you will be inspired and motivated.
Everyone will tell you that practice makes it perfect and i couldn’t agree more. You must build projects at your own and commit yourself to be better developer. When you start to build projects from scratch, you will get that valuable experience and feeling that you actually KNOW stuff, unlike at this point(for me), when you look at the screen and feel…well, not that smart, let’s say it that way…:smiley:
At the end, its a skill that you must practice and love to be good at it. Keep learning!

came across bootcamps

Is it really possible to change career and get a job as coder?

As an engineering manager I can tell you I’ve personally hired at least one person from a bootcamp who switched careers entirely (journalist --> software) and know other managers who have hired bootcamp graduates as well.

It’s definitely possible :slight_smile:

That’s great to know.

Thanks for those enriching words.

Welcome to the FreeCodeCamp forums! @pigi07