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Firstly I apologize for this heap of text but its all the mess I have in mind since quite a few months. I have an Bachelors of Science Degree in Hospitality and Hotel Administration and I have 2 years of experience as a Management trainee in Hospitality as well . Now I wanted to do a career switch as my interests are tilted towards science and tech. This is the reason I am currently doing FCC certifications to enhance my education and knowledge. However I would prefer much to get a Masters degree(offline) in my interest field, but almost all the masters in tech requires mathematics as a subject in bachelors or a bachelors in tech . So I was suggested a possibility of doing Masters in Business Analytics which can combine my field of management to tech . Is there any other Masters which I am eligible to opt for ad which is much more productive and can teach me coding as its curriculum .
P.S. : I want to do a masters from a top college so that my degree’s accreditations are valuable . I know even if I can be a programmer without a degree I know the value of a degree from a reputed college as it makes the struggle a little bit easier and safer.

What’s interesting is even something like a Computer Science degree, is only 3-4 classes of actual coding. Its 50% math, those few classes for a given language or two, and the rest is theory/systems/practical. A majority of it is math though.

Even in those classes, you only use the language as a tool to understand broader concepts, for example two classes in Java or C++ to help learn Object oriented programming and also act as an intro to programming. Maybe another class in C to learn low-level memory management, and maybe an elective in another language. Thats it.

Having a college degree (masters or otherwise) will help get things going with your first job for sure. Past that however is where things get a little more murky, as you essentially as good as your last project.

Top colleges also are usually pretty expensive, and have hard requirements to get in. Depending on the degree you are going for this may make things really difficult in regards to gaining entry, it also may mean the course are difficult and there could be high drop-out rates. Finally even if you get 90% through, but give up, you still could be on the hook for any financial costs you have endured. **So its safer in some sense, but riskier in others. **

I like this concept, it takes your current background and brings in some tech. From there you can got your foot in the door with a relevant masters+bachelors combo into tech and go from there. Furthermore this combo is probably somewhat rare, or at least less common, so you’ll stand out during the job search.

I’m not too familiar with other degrees which would combine your background with any sort of tech. Of course a “raw tech”, CS or otherwise (like an IT degree) could help as well, as all companies are a tech company at some level.


Is having a degree important to secure tech jobs, even if we possess relevant skills?

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Depends on the job. However, web development is probably the one of the more likely job you can get without a degree


From my perspective … its not important but it sure makes the struggle a little easier … Not to brag but I did my hospitality degree from My country’s rank 1 college and I kind of understand the perks of getting a high accredited degree from a highly reputed college…As it helps a lot for the first job which kind of breaks the ice in the Job World as well as it helps in building a srtrong netowrk. Although in the end its the skill which matters the most and with enough skills you can get past a person with a degree too.

Thank You so much For spending your precious time on my doubt . Your answer did provide me with some good insights and confidence .

However I couldn’t properly understand what you possibly meant by “raw tech”.

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