Career progression for a new developer

Hi all! :grin:

I graduated from business school :necktie: a couple of years ago, and decided to switch industry altogether about 2 years ago. Took me quite some time to find my footing (freelancing gigs, learning eveywhere including codeacademy, code school, etc), and I found FCC a few months ago. I especially like FCC because it has helped me to revisit my foundation and provided me with a very good structure and curriculum to follow. The community, too, is awesome! 24/7 chat group and extremely helpful people.

The good news is that I just got my very first role as a frontend developer! Will be starting in August! :smiley:

My longer plan is to be proficient at data structures and algo skillsets and to be a good software engineer :computer:.

The more confusing part :confused: is being not too sure about the path I should be planning for, and wondering what are the typical routes software engineers take?

Appreciate any advice! Thank you!

Thanks for your good advice.

I agree with your advice about being “ridiculously” good at frontend development, and dive deeply into frontend frameworks.

During my path of learning, I got confused as to what I should really be focusing my efforts on. On one hand, tech firms want programmers with comp science education background. So that motivated me to learn data structures and algo (still pretty new to it). On the other hand, they also want frontend framework experience. And like you said, it’s a big challenge when I decide to split my “study” time between the two.

In this direction that you recommend, how can one learn frontend dev to the point where one can handle ANYTHING thrown at you? Well, I guess t’s boils down to trying different projects and building anything that seems interesting, yeah?

You sound pretty experienced. Have you been doing it for a long time?

Thanks again, appreciate it.


I’ve never heard anyone say this:

It’s main competitor is zurb foundation and it’s a bit more prevalent in “we’re serious about good coding practice” shops.

Is this actually true? If so, why is that the case?

I actually prefer the default aesthetics of Foundation over Bootstrap, but focused on Bootstrap for the FCC challenges and just stuck with it. This could be a good reason to go back and learn Foundation as well.