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Does anyone have any contacts that completed the FreeCodeCamp curriculum and have gotten a job in Tech ? I am specifically interested in working for a FAANG company as a Soft Dev Eng. Just curious if this is attainable or if I would need to get more formal education after completing this curriculum.

Thanks in advance for your time.

If you poke around in the “You Can Do It” and “Career Advice” subforums, you’ll find several freeCodeCamp community members talking about getting a job as a developer. You can also find some the stories of freeCodeCamp community members under the career change tag on freeCodeCamp News.


Great resource, thanks!

I completed the first three certificates, built my own projects and then landed a junior job.

From my observations, most people don’t land a faang job right after being self taught for a year or so or doing a bootcamp.

They will usually work for a few years at non faang companies and then try to use their network to land an interview at a faang company.

Another observation I have seen, are those that grind out leetcode and do programs like algo expert to prepare for the faang technical interviews.

You could also try to read stories on freecodecamp news from those who landed interviews or worked at faang companies.

Hope that helps!

That’s really cool to hear. Did not think that would be possible!

Yeah, I think it is a hard road to go down but self taught developers have done it.
The hardest part is going to be landing the interview especially without a cs degree or prior work experience.

I still think your best bet is to work for a few years as a developer before going after a faang company. Then you might be able to leverage your network to see if you could land an interview that way.

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