Case-Sensitivity for <meta charset="utf-8">

Is there a reason why the earlier lessons compile the code with lower case utf-8, and the further in lessons will count it as wrong unless it’s uppercase? it’s especially strange because as far as i can tell from my research, the meta charset tag is case-insensitive.

Just wish that would be explained a little better, or wondering if anyone had an idea why that was the case?

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check this out, if you haven’t already utf 8 - Correct terminology between UTF8 and UTF-8 - Stack Overflow

Ohhhhhhh so technically both are usable, but UTF-8 is the correct name. got it, thanks!

Can you post links to the challenges you are referring to?

The specs state that it must be case insensitive, so it would be wrong to require either upper or lower case.

4.2.5 The meta element

The charset attribute specifies the character encoding used by the document. This is a character encoding declaration. If the attribute is present, its value must be an ASCII case-insensitive match for the string " utf-8 ".

I found two

Case sensitive

Case insensitive

I can go back through, but if I’m remembering correctly, all of them after like the first or second one will not allow the code to process if it’s lower-case. Give me a few minutes and i’ll check them again

Okay yeah, so:

cat website: N/A
Cafe Menu: Step 3 ( Allows lowercase
Colored Markers: Step 4 ( Allows lowercase
Registration Form: N/A
Rothko Painting: Step 2 ( requires upper-case


all of the ones after Rothko require upper case, and the hint and step will both show it in uppercase, while the ones before project 1 show them in lower case

it’s just weird?

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I can tell there are more. Thanks for letting us know. I should open an issue for it (will check if there is anything open for it already).

Edit: Issue

sounds good i’m actually about to open a different issue i found on the forums and have just experienced haha

Too bad we didn’t have you beta test the curriculum :slight_smile:

honestly i would have l o v e d that lmao

there’s a lot of weird things i’ve been catching that i’m not 100% sure are supposed to be intentional or not and i’m just going through them anyway

It was in beta for some time, but I guess it wasn’t promoted as much as the release.

Anyway, better late than never, so just keep bug hunting as you see fit. You can always make a thread and ask if you have any doubts about something (bug or not).

Sounds good to me, that’s usually what i do when it seems really off haha

might do it for more minor things as just a check

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