Celestial Bodies Database - No Completion Check Mark

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I have completed the project but the status of completion is not reflected, as in there is no completion check mark.

Did read your post in the forum about the issues with the progress getting saved. Did follow the steps but nothing worked. Even about the user token, I started a new project and then got back to this project just in case it could be the issue of user token conflict. Didn’t work even after multiple attempts. and refreshing.

You mentioned about the last resort about deleting this container from the codeally dashboard but will have to start the project from the beginning. To be honest, can’t even think about it because it was time consuming to enter all those commands to create tables / relations and insert data. Is it possible to create all this from the backup?

Kindly guide with a feasible solution.

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Challenge: Celestial Bodies Database - Build a Celestial Bodies Database

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It worked after submitting the link to the public repository with the database file. I see the completion check mark. Thanks!

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