Celestial Bodies Database - Save Locally to Submit?

I’m unclear as to how to save the final solution locally? Also, how /where do I post it to? The directions are unclear as to how you do either of those steps.

“Locally” means to download to your computer.

Please follow the instructions in the coderoad after that. (I don’t have them in front of me so pls post them here if you want help interpreting them)

I know the difference between local and cloud. I’m asking for specific steps to save locally. The directions aren’t clear, in my opinion. “Save as” doesn’t work. I’ve had to restart the terminal so many times that I now have no way to copy and paste what I’ve done. Copy and paste doesn’t work either, by any means. The VM editor won’t allow it no matter what permissions I give the browser (Chrome). Do I save the “universe.sql” file listed under the Project tab?? That has all sorts of weird things in it that I don’t understand. I’m brand new to coding and struggling to figure things out. My online college sucks, hence why I’m here. Thanks for your help!!

to copy and paste from the terminal or from the coderoad instructions, just highlight the text with your mouse, then CTRL+C (if you are on a windows operating system, mac has a different command), then open a Notepad and click CTRL+V to paste the instructions or whatever to it.
This way you can save the contents to a local file.

For eg. here’s the content of my directory which I copied using the instructions mentioned here.

codeally@bb56c19d3049:~/project$ ls
codeally@bb56c19d3049:~/project$ cd lea*
codeally@bb56c19d3049:~/project/learn-celestial-bodies-database$ ls
CHANGELOG.md  codeAlly.json  coderoad.yaml  tutorial.json  TUTORIAL.md
codeally@bb56c19d3049:~/project/learn-celestial-bodies-database$ cd ..

Your SQL file if it has been created in the ~/project dir should be showing up in the Explorer menu bar on the left.
Once you have copied it, you can upload it to your github repository.
Instructions on creating a github repo and troubleshooting steps are here