Build a Celestial Bodies Database - Saving universe.sql file from CodeAlly VM

I have completed this project (Celestial Bodies Database).

As instructed, I have saved a dump of the universe database (universe.sql).

Please guide me through the following step about saving the file in a public repository. Where is this repository and how to I save the file to it.
***Save the universe.sql file in a public repository and submit the URL to it on ***

About the public repository, I understood that GitHub Repository can be used. But how do I download the universe.sql file from the CodeAlly VM? I believe this file is required to be uploaded in the repository, isn’t it?

Well, I read the related posts in this forum about the steps to save the universe.sql file in the public repository. Didn’t actually cross my mind what you meant for us to do was to copy and paste the contents of the universe.sql file to a new file (txt or doc etc) in our computer and then upload the new file to a public repository. For a while I was thinking in terms of downloading the universe.sql file as such from the CodeAlly VM (which wasn’t the case).

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