Center UI-LI elements - I think my way of doing it is stupid

Hello there fellas, this one has been eating my brains out, I’ve searched everywhere and everything I try just messes things up, I have tried various suggestions found here in the forum, and on stackoverflow about using inline-block, or margin: 0 auto; and so on, but the only thing I found that worked for me was adding two

columns at each side of my div with the elements, here's how it looks, can any of you check my HTML and tell me if there's something I'm doing wrong that doesn't allow me to display it correctly using other conventional methods?

If your idea is to have a column that takes up to 6 spaces but is moved on the side by 3 spaces, you had the right intuition.

However in Bootstrap you can offset columns to achieve the same results as you did without the need of creating empty columns.

basically you want you column to be offset-3
So you can rewrite the column as:
<div class="col-md-6 col-md-offset-3">

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I tried it that way, but the long text just gets past the right side of the screen when it is too small.


Huh? It worked this time…probably messed up something when I tried it earlier…thanks a lot.

Edit 2:

Yeah, when I tried the first time I used col-md-12 instead of col-md-6, I knew it was something I did lol :smiley: