Tribute Page- coudln't able to move my column

I was trying to move my column using offset , but I ,coudln’t able to do it . Can someone help me with this issue. Please find my column at the bottom of the html page

Thanks alot !!

It appears that you misspelled div class in the offset section.

Thanks for the response I changed , but it’s still not working :frowning:

Hi, first of all, the sum of your column cannot exceed 12 (including the offset) - you have 12 columns + 5 colums for offset. also you are using wrong syntax for offset.

try for example this: class= “col-sm-6 offset-sm-6”

also you are having in your row div and another div, you might wanna delete one of those.

you can find the syntax for offset here:


Thank you so much for sharing the syntax , pardon me if it’s a silly mistake.

the syntax is different for the new version of Bootstrap :slight_smile: it took me a while to figure this out too.

I am sure somebody would have a better answer but you could probably create a class called “center” which would give you the ability to center the div. Just space out the div and enter your class name. Playing with the CSS is a good way to start learning the properties and their values.

.center {
text-align: center;

div class="col-md-12"

and make it

div class="center col-md-12"

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