Certificate Claim issue

I tried to claim the certificate having completed all the required challenges, all the items that appear as marked with * on my map, but when I get to the confirmation page, I get the following message:
Looks like you have not completed the neccessary steps. Please return to the challenge map.

The description states “Let’s confirm that you have completed all of our basic and intermediate algorithm scripting challenges, and all our basic, intermediate, and advanced front end development projects. Click the button below to verify this.”.

I’ve double checked, but perhaps there is something right before my eyes that I’m missing.
(A wild guess would be I’m missing Advanced Algorithms, but they don’t have an asterisk besides them, and the description doesn’t mention them).

Many thanks,

I checked your profile and couldn’t find any required algorithm challenge and project that you missed. Try submitting an issue on GitHub.

Thank you for your answer.

I took some time to do the advanced algorithms too, as suggested on the Gitter support channel, but nothing has changed. I’ll go submit an issue on GitHub hoping this will be solved :smile: