Certification enquiry

I was asking if someone gets a certificate from freecodecamp will the certificate be sent to someone’s email…

No. It will be in your freeCodeCamp public profile.

For sure a resume is nothing more then a timeline of experiance you had gone through and knowledge of. If they ask about it you can alway’s explain which can give you a strong point of to talk about, and who know maybe some of your collegeas did start here as well :3

what if they ask about like the certificate? a hard-copy?

You can alway’s dowload the certificate from here and tell them the truth just be honest. TIP: people who are working at big tech company’s now also have started/used FCC as well.

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You can always print it yourself, but I find this to be an unlikely situation.

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How would I be able to print out the certificate?

Screenshot it and use a printer is one way to do it

Thank you for the help.