Certification options

I have seen that learning javascript is very complicated so instead of doing all the challenges, i went to the project area and was able to finish the projects and get the certificate. Is it a good practice? I read somewhere that challenges are optional.

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Oh, did you finish it ?
If yes, congratulations!

I cannot say if its a good practice but if you learnt in that way, ok, worth it.

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I was just searching the topics provided then looking code others have provided and editing to match what the project requested. Looks like the javascript projects are easier than the responsive web design projects

Hi @UzaifaJamina !

Yes the challenges are optional.

But it really boils down to your end goal.

If you are looking to get into web development and start working as a professional then learning javascript is a must.
So skipping sections because it is difficult might hurt you in the long run if you have gaps in your knowledge.

Remember that the heart of web development is html, css and javascript.

For the course, you could just jump straight into the projects and research what you need from there.

But don’t create holes in your education because some sections were hard.

Also I am not entirely sure what you mean here. Slightly altering someone else’s code is not the best approach to learning if that is what this means.

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Remember that you are doing those challenges to learn, not for the sake of finishing some arbitrary game.

If you understand the topic or learned it elsewhere - no need to finish them, it would be a waste of time.

Ask yourself this - could you finish those five projects without looking at anything more than documentation? If yes, looks like algorithms are your strong points. If not, my advice is to learn the material.


Looking at anything more than documentation? do you mean just getting user stories?

For me i think that coding is like maths. I has a general format you need to follow. I am thinking of creating a format booklet for every challenge here and keep it for reference. Does that count as documentation?

no, the user stories are the minimum needed, to make it usable and nice to look at you need more

documentation is a reference website like devdocs.io


i willl see what it looks like and see if i can cope with it

It just sounds like you were disappointed in yourself that this section was challenging. But this is normal to struggle with you first programming language.

Just moving forward, make sure that you can understand the core concepts of javascript like es6, regex, OOP, functional programming, etc.

It is fine to not have a complete understanding but just a basic understanding. And through projects and practice the topics will make more sense.

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I went to the site but I am not seeing any documentation . Where do I have to click

I will try to look at these core concepts

For devdocs you have to click on the javascript section.

Thank you. It seems like a formula booklet to me.

does MDN web docs also count as documentation?

yes, that is also documentation.
It’s also a list of all operators and methods available in the JavaScript language, elements and attributes for HTML, and rules for CSS.


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Thank you. I got this