Challenge 2 - Value attribute in checkboxes

I have just completed challenge #2 with 17/17 , But… I wanted to create a post because the test was not letting me pass on the creating checkbox because I did not have a value attribute in the checkbox. So I just put value=1. I dont know what that does but it allowed me to pass the last story. Can someone tell me what the value=1 does in the checkbox because it doesnt make sense to me. What should the correct value be?

<label for="etherium"><input id="etherium" type="checkbox" value="1" name="cryptocurrency"> Etherium</label>

When you reviewed the FCC lesson what did you not understand?

When you did a search what did you find that you didn’t understand?

If you decide to make a career being a developer a big part of that is going to be spent researching things you don’t understand and learning. Get used to searching and researching and then ask for help on what you don’t understand from that.

What the function of the value attribute is was explained in the challenge linked to.

Understanding that should also make it clear that the value 1 for both checkboxes isn’t very useful for identifying which checkbox was checked when the form is submitted.

yes I think what I was asking which was the default value, default was ‘on’, your right that isnt very useful. Thankyou.