What is a value attribute?

hello there,
recently ive started working on the html projects, and i have been kind of confused because they usually ask you to add a value attribute, and i couldnt find a challenge about them.
could any of you out there please explain it to me?

you didn’t post a specific link so I’m just going to guess here:

do you mean they say set an attribute to a value?
Like: set the id attribute to footer?

in which case you would add an attribute called ‘id’ and make it equal the value ‘footer’?

no, i meant that in the second project, they require you to set a value attribute to the input element like this

<input value="some number">

and i have no idea what is the purpose of doing that

There is no specific purpose for the way the checkboxes look but the value is sent to the webserver if/when someone submits the form. The value tells the backend code which checkbox the user selected.

oh okay, thank you alot!