Challenge: Change the Color of Text - Bug?

is this a bug, I hava the same question

this is the link :

Hey @yes5144,
Instead of replying on other’s tpic for your question, always make a new topic for your problem.
You shold use “Ask For help” button on your challenge page.
As far as your current code is concerned,
You have to put a semicolon after you have assigned red color to your h2 element.

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I moved your question to its own topic because you were asking a question related to your own code for a challenge and were not answering the OP of the other thread. It is always best to create your own thread for you specific question(s). Also, it is advisable to use the Ask for Help button on the challenge, so it auto-populates with your current code and the challenge url.

Thank you.

right, thank you very much

ok, thank you very much!

I think it is forcing you to use semicolon on purpose so that it will be your habit and you don’t miss it while CSS coding