Chances of Getting a Job in Germany

Hey, I’m kinda worried about this, there are plenty of people that have no degree at all and still work as a software developer or web developer etc, but im from germany and over here they are kinda stuck up if you dont have a degree they wont give you even a chance, thats atleast what I feel like. And if i get a job people always tell me “yea but your pay will be shit” and “it will be EXTREMELY HARD to get a job without a degree” I dont know what to do. Im honestly pissed at the people that tell me this stuff.

What am I supposed to do?

Im 25, and I cant afford going back to school, first of all I would have to go to school for 1 year again (to get the Chance to go “University” (I would get access to something like a University, Its like University but its more practical and I dont know if its seen as worse from Companys.) and then I would have to go to University for 3-4 Years. Then I would probably be 31 when im finished.

I want to get a decent job somehow and the Apprenticeship I did here in germany, wasnt what I wanted AT ALL… So what should I do?


Do you live near the Dutch border? Try for jobs in the Netherlands.

I’d say this differs radically between types of companies and areas. Smaller and creative industries related companies are more forgiving. Try advertising agencies, gaming companies, freshly funded startups and reach out to freelancer who regularly need to team up to tackle a job. When I say startups it’s not only software startups, there is a lot going on in engineering and iot of course.

In terms of areas I know the market in Berlin is crazy for developer but don’t forget the strength (and curse) of the German economy lies in it’s distribution of world market leading companies in rural areas. They might welcome someone who can tackle a task because limited choice of talent forces their hand and lower pay also comes at much lower living expenses. Another hot-spot is the Cologne, Duesseldorf area for all it’s media and advertising companies. Plus you are quick in the Netherlands / Belgium if you go a bit more north west from there.

I think there is always tons of reason to be pessimistic but suggest you try and reach out where people are looking and like minded devs hang out. You may think Recruiters are a pain but they know the market… Tech meetups are plenty and it’s great to meet fellow developers who might know someone in need that doesn’t mind your formal qualifications and values you can get sh*t done.

Alles Gute mein Freund! :slight_smile:

Maybe another type of education:
Often companies keep their trainees after they finished education.

Or work a year for a “shit-pay” just to get experience and then try to find a better job.

Since you seem to be from Germany:

Eine Fachhochschule ist nicht unbedingt schlechter angesehen als ein Universitätsabschluss, gerade in der Informatik/Wirtschaftsinformatik kannst du bei den praxisorientierten Modulen gut punkten und einige Erfahrungen sammeln.
Lass dich von deinem Alter nicht abschrecken.
Ich hab keine Ausbildung gemacht, zwei Studiengänge abgebrochen und jetzt stehe ich vor meinem Bachelor of Science mit 29. Das ist nicht zu spät. Glaub mir. Gerade wenn du dich früh nach Stellen in der IT umsiehst. Manchmal musst du ein wenig das machen, was nicht so viel Spaß macht um dir eine Sicherheit zu gewährleisten.
Leider ist es in Deutschland so, dass man ohne Bachelor oder Ausbildung weniger “wert” zu sein scheint, das ist echt Mist. Halte durch und viel Erfolg!

Tldr, and also eng:
The university-like thing actually often gives reallife experiences early on.
Don’t be discouraged by your age.
Yeah, without a degree in Germany, it is hard. I know the Feeling.
Good Luck, mate

@kevelopment Ich würd es ja schon so machen, aber ich kann nicht wieder zuhause einziehen und meinen Job aufgeben um dann nochmal zur Schule und dann noch zur Universität bzw Fachhochschulreife gehen, deswegen will ich mir die Sachen selbst beibringen nur scheinbar gibt es teilweise Firmen die dich nicht mal mit dem Arsch anschauen ohne Studium, habe mal reingeschaut… so schlimm scheint es vielleicht gar nicht zu sein, gibt wohl auch öfter Firmen bei denen man nur die Fähigkeiten haben muss die angefordert werden und man hat eine gute Chance.

Ich will das nicht erst in 5-6 Jahren machen, deswegen will ich eigentlich auch nicht wieder zur Schule gehen. Also muss ich wohl Firmen finden denen das nicht so wichtig ist. (und/oder irgendwann auswandern, was ich eh vor habe.)

@cpheimbach THANKS A LOT, that was really motivating to hear. Is there anyway I can contact you?
like Discord or STEAM?