Entry-level web developer job in Germany without a degree

Hi guys, I would really appreciate your advice and opinions on some doubts I have about an eventual career change. I’m currently working in the UK as a graphic designer but I’m not happy with the job and I simply think I’m not creative enough to compete with other people. I am planning to move to Germany in a few months, I’m currently doing a web development bootcamp I found on Udemy and I’m studying German as well. I don’t have a degree, only a high school certificate in Graphic Design and Media Communication taken in Italy. I’m hoping to find an entry-level job as a web developer in Germany next year and I was wondering if you could tell me if that’s possible by finishing the web development bootcamp? Any advice on further courses or skills I need to get there? Thank you

Hey Teodora,

nice to meet you! :wave:

If you want to work in Germany, but are not fluent in German, you literally have to go to Berlin, work and culture-wise, especially if you don’t have professional training in your trade.

Build a lot of good projects, learn German and make a lot of connections to people.

Have fun!

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Can you please explain how to? -I know that i am not the one that asked the question, but i am curious, thanks in advance-

Some ideas:

  • mandatory: be a nice and helpful person
  • go to offline meetups (currently no meetups due Corona in Germany)
  • go to online meetups (you find a lot on meetup.com and linkedin)
  • go online where the people you want to meet are and value their work
  • give value by creating stuff (articles, tutorials, images, audio, video etc.)

Thanks for the reply, very appreciated! but a little question, can you explain to me , what i benefit from making those connections?

Networking can help you get a job.
If another developer knows your work and has an opening at their company they can vouch for you.
It is better to make connections than just applying for job posts online.
And that is for any industry not just software.


Thank you for the clarification!

Thank you for your advice, it’s very much appreciated :slight_smile: I will definitely consider Berlin when moving to Germany, for the moment I had in mind Munich, which seems quite international as well. I’m hoping to pick up german as quick as I picked up other languages! Are there any other websites you suggest to find some cool projects I can work on?

I don’t know the exact numbers, but around 60-80% of all jobs are filled informal, meaning either in the company or by employees who know good fitting people.

So I think going the “normal” path of applying on online jobs is pretty useless, especially without a degree.

And the question is why does it work like that? Because doing business is mostly about trust.

Who can I trust more that the job will get done and the person is a good fit for my company?

A: the recommendation of an employee. (the employee would lose their face if they would recommend a shitty friend)
B: some random guy on the internet who is mostly lying

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Thanks for the reply, yeah, probably not B.