Change in UX of coding challenges

  1. Submitting a challenge for test is still done by Ctrl+Enter, but since yesterday, moving to the next challenge has changed – I can no longer just press Ctrl+Enter but have to move on with the mouse. Ctrl+Enter, Ctrl+Enter is faster and more convenient than Ctrl+Enter, then move hand to mouse, then move cursor to Submit and press.

  2. Also, since yesterday, I no longer see the results of the test in the black area - I have to add console.log() commands.

These both make for a worse user experience. Any reason for the change?


Does the issue been reported in github ? I can’t find it there.

I just noticed that there are new items in the road map. I think the issues were related to the code pushed in production.

It has been a long time since i saw someone use the word “cloying”.:smiley:

I have to go through the sign-up screen before going to the sign-in screen :anguished:. I do hope it’s temporary

Thanks for the github link.

Going there now to report latest problem [edit: now done] … my code portfolio page shows mostly empty lines for the nine challenges completed yesterday.

Worse still, my code for those challenges has been lost.

What a mess.

However, I notice the UI has been rolled back, at least.