Changing IT career from sysadmin/devops to web developer

Hello everyone,
It is really motivating to see so many people from different backgrounds chasing their programming developer dreams.
I have been working in IT industry for past 7 years in India with different MNCs. I have played roles of system administrator and now working in devops. I came across FCC and since been motivated to move to a pure developer role. I am thinking of quitting my current job in order to study full time for the web development roles. I am ready to take a pay cut as well.
The main disadvantage I faced in these roles is that , none of the projects have any vision, all they want is their existing systems/applications to keep running. Make whatever side development tools needed to automate your tasks with whatever scripting language and tools like bash/ruby// jenkins/terraform/packer etc.
It is really difficult to change over a profile in IT than to join as a junior developer.

Please suggest , Thanks in advance.

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Hi @jj1993
I can understand you, I’m a budding programmer.
Now I’m on an internship,where should i bring an old platform with new technologies(Bootstrap,C#).
Unfortunately in this path,I have no stimulus, because they don’t teach me nothing.
In fact I’m trying FCC on my own,slowly I will manage to find my way.
However you do not have to worry, many in this platform did other jobs, but in the end with the consistency and commitment they succeeded.
I hope my words can help you.

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Sounds like the “dev-ops” is ruled by ops (Why change what isn’t broken?), and thus isn’t true DevOps. Automation is part of DevOps, but another key part of DevOps is experimentation, without fear of breaking anything. You can’t “learn” without experimenting, and thus you can’t adapt as quickly, and thus your not in full DevOps. DevOps is as much a culture thing as it is a technical thing.

Regardless of the mention of DevOps, if you are in such an environment, being able to take a more “developer” approach to most problems should be possible. But if there is no “work” for developers (experimenting, creating new things, and automating) then you might have to look to learning via sideprojects. I personally do not recommend giving up on a well paying job just to go “learn”, you should be able to find some place at work to learn what you want, and find some extra free time to do more aswell.

I personally have always liked the idea of DevOps, and always strove to find a balance in my knowledge. Now I come from the “other side” in that I am a developer that learns enough ops to get most things automated and going (cloud for the win!) so I understand your struggle with dealing with your current company culture.

So, don’t quit your job. Try to find opportunities to do more “development-stuff” at your current job if possible, study and do development work in your free time. Once you get a good amount of experience building stuffs, and using your current knowledge you should have a good amount of skills to be able to build/manage/architect a lot of different systems :smiley:

Goodluck, keep building and learning :smiley:

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