Seeking mentorship in career Change to DevOps

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a mentor to learn DevOps.
I am a SAS developer having about 10 years of exp. I joined the club of redundancy and lost my job due to this coid pandemic. I thought of changing my career path from coding to DevOps as it is giving me good level of learning. Can someone be my mentor to guide me in this learning phase.
Appreciate your support and Thanks in advance.

maybe take a look at this roadmap?

Hi there @RG1719

Besides what was mentioned above, I would suggest you to take a loot on this roadmap too,
it is very detailed, and pay attention that there are alternative options\recommendations\no strict subjects that you can learn anytime.

You have a vast experience of coding. I will recommend you to join another developer job and learn DevOps side by side.