I'm in huge dilemma situation

My biggest problem on programming is that basics that are taught in various online courses are in my muscle memory but I am not a serious coder/developer who can develop stuffs.
I really want to get out of this plateau. Tell me a good way/book/course to do that? Please don’t just say “do project”, I don’t want to be a web developer or something. I am looking to be a devops engineer/linuxadmin. I am already doing some bash scripting.

This is the answer though. Literally the only way I know to move from the fundamentals to expertise is with practice.


I can second that, it’s the obstacles and mistakes in your projects that let’s you grow the fastest. There is no way around it.

I forgot a single “?” in a database model in one of my projects, resulting in various bugs. It took hours to find and correct the mistake. I am still profiting from what I had to research and learn on that day.

That’s also why employers insist on practical experience.

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You can look on something like Coursera for devops courses.

But you will have to get your hands dirty, as already pointed out, you learn by doing. Also, that is half (or more) of the fun. Who wants to just sit and read books when you can set up labs/environments and do actual hands-on learning?


I hope we didn’t discourage you, but you can rely on the tips from people working in the industry.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just build some simple CRUD chat or blog apps with databases and deploy them to two different free cloud providers. Document the problems you faced and solved on the way.

This will cover most of what a junior devops has to know and you have something to show to employers.

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I can’t code websites, nor I’m interested to code it. Not even the basic crud app.

What kind of job do you want to do? You should do projects that match up with that kind of job.

linux system and network administration->database administration->data analyst->data science engineer
This is a career trajectory I’m looking for.

If you want to do data analysis, then learn statistics and do a bunch of projects related to statistics.

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